The OnSite
Difference Factor

We believe every situation requires loving care. OnSite provides our clients with the highest IT support level and shows how much we care through our work.

IT Professionals working in a data center

Stewarding Technology. Serving People.

OnSite believes in supporting people, not just technology. Our personal, peace-driven, and expertly managed IT services set us apart. Client relationships are our greatest assets; we blend love, transparency, and edification with forward-thinking technology. Our core values equip the OnSite team and its technicians to expect the unexpected, all while fostering trust with our team and clients.

About the OnSite Brand

Mission Statement

Built on a foundation of solid relationships and forward-thinking, our passion is to serve people by stewarding their technology, empowering them, and advancing their vision.

Brand Promise

We vow to provide our clients with the highest level of support, showing our love through our work and relationships.

Core Values:

· Love

We believe that love, above all, must be our first priority.

· Support:

We believe in supporting people, not just technology.

· Transparency

We believe transparency fosters trust.

· Forward Thinking

We believe strategic thinking equips us to expect the unexpected.

· Peace

We believe we should strive for peace in every situation.

· Relationship

We believe our relationships with customers and our team are our greatest assets.

· Edification

We believe in building up and encouraging people as a reflection of Jesus Christ.